Causes of Premature Skin Aging

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The passage of time is one of the main agents that make our skin begin to lose elasticity, firmness and smoothness and, therefore, that signs such as wrinkles or sagging appear in areas such as the chin, cheeks or gill. However, it is increasingly common to see people on the street with a broken face and who do not even reach their thirties, what happened to them?

The premature aging is not given only by the passage of time but in the many external factors that can modify and thus take care of our skin so involved and it deserves in the following article we will discover you the causes of aging the skin so that you can detect those habits that may be affecting you and, thus, stop reproducing them to bet on a rejuvenated and healthy appearance

Sun and skin

Surely more than once you have heard that the sun affects the health of the skin. In fact, so much is what damages it, which is one of the main causes of premature aging of the skin and, therefore, it is essential that if you want to have a young and well-groomed skin, apply a sunscreen or, If not, you get a makeup that already has it incorporated. Whether summer, winter, sun or cloudy, the protection of UVA rays are essential to take care of the skin and prevent damage.

The UV radiation that comes from the sun produces degenerative alterations in the skin and, therefore, the first wrinkles or spots produced by the sun may appear, something that will make your face look much older and with a lack of shine. This situation is known by the term “photo aging” and causes 90% of premature skin aging so don’t play it!

Stress affects the health of the skin

Another cause of skin aging should be sought in one of the newest and most serious conditions of the 21st century: stress. During the last years, this has been another of the factors that have most influenced the deterioration of dermal health and, the reason is that when the functioning of our nervous system is disturbed, the distribution of nutrients and oxygen are affected by blood, something that causes the appearance of the first wrinkles but, also, can cause hair loss, among many other effects.

In this situation, there is no other remedy more effective than betting on a life away from stress, taking things easy and, above all, not wanting to cover more responsibilities than you can assume. Knowing how to delegate, asking for help and saying “No” is essential to have a healthier life and this will be noticed inside, but also outside.

Poor diet causes aging

There is no statement more certain than the one that says: “We are what we eat.” And it is that the nutrients that we incorporate daily with our diet are those that get us to function properly, that we have the energy necessary to face the day and that the internal well-being is reflected externally both in the skin, as in the nails or hair . For this reason, if in our diet abundant foods rich in toxins and fats abound, we will hinder the proper functioning of our body in general and, therefore, the first signs of aging can begin to appear as well as take extra weight and have respiratory difficulties.

People who follow a balanced diet, rich in fruits, vegetables and highly nutritious foods are in better health conditions and, therefore, their skin also reflects that well-being. On the other hand, people who follow a greasy diet or full of precooked foods have more numbers for the health of their skin is affected and the first wrinkles appear prematurely.

Tobacco, a habit harmful to the skin

It is well known that tobacco is harmful to health but has always been related to internal health and, above all, that of the lungs. The truth is that toxic tobacco fumes also affect us externally and age our skin. The reason is that, when inhaling the toxins from cigarettes, the elasticity of the skin is decreased but, in addition, red veins often appear in some parts that leave marks on our body.

Nicotine also affects the flow of blood and, therefore, prevents the correct distribution of nutrients and oxygen, thus causing our skin not to receive the vitamins and minerals it needs to be in perfect condition.

In addition, we must not forget that tobacco increases the production of free radicals, agents that accelerate the oxidation of cells and, therefore, make us age faster than it would really touch us.

Over time

Among the causes of skin aging, the most obvious factor cannot be missed: the passage of time. Going years passes our dermis bill because our body begins to deteriorate and stop producing some of the elements that are basic so that our skin is perfect: elastin, collagen, and so on. That is why numerous anti-aging creams abound in the market, which essentially incorporate these elements artificially into the skin since we are no longer able to produce them.

Also the hormones are responsible for this production to decrease; in the case of women, the decrease in estrogen production affects the oxygenation of the tissues and, in the case of men, and the decrease in androgens also produces this situation.

Lack of sleep ages us

Before we have indicated that stress can produce the appearance of the first signs of age but this can also occur if we do not enjoy a deep, restful rest and dedicating the hours that our body needs to recover from the whole day. At least we should sleep 7 to 9 hours a day to get in perfect condition and that the body has recharged its forces.

Resting properly is essential for cells to regenerate, renew and, therefore, show us in better conditions. If we do not devote enough time to rest, it is likely that, over time, we will begin to see how our skin looks tired, wrinkled and dark circles.

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